There Are Still Honest People in the World – And That Honesty Can Lead to ‘Miraculous’ Outcomes

I have a friend who found a wallet and through a series of amazing circumstances found the owner who was part of a migrant group from Jamaica who came to the United States to pick apples. The way she found him and what happened next was truly miraculous.

One day recently, Laurie Fenby, was shopping at a garage sale in Rochester New York and as she was leaving, she found a wallet on the ground.

She looked inside and found a Jamaican driver’s license, some American cash and some Jamaican cash. She tried all the usual ways to locate the man, whose name was George.

She couldn’t find him through Google or Facebook and then she asked for suggestions through Nextdoor, a community website. Laurie received a lot of ideas and responses— some of them not so positive.

But one lady suggested that she contact a little store that is known to have many Jamaican migrant workers as clients. Laurie called the store and found that yes, indeed, there was someone named George who lost his wallet.

She suggested that the owner contact George and have him call her. When George contacted her he was able to identify all the contents of the wallet and Laurie was able to return it.

But it didn’t stop there.

Laurie asked George, “What do you and the migrant workers need?” He said they could use some warm clothes.

Laurie immediately contacted the next-door community and was able to organize a clothing drive.