Rescued Seal Celebrates Birthday With Ice Cake –Then Falls Asleep Right On Top of it

Last month the Cornish Seal Sanctuary celebrated the 31st birthday of one of their favorite residents—and the team spoiled him with a colorful layered ice cake.

The grey seal named Yulelogs is a big favorite among guests. He was rescued as a pup in 1989 by a marine park in the north of England. When the park closed down, Yulelogs was released back into the wild. However, as he had spent such a long time in captivity, he had no idea how to feed himself and had become too attached to humans.

Three months after his release, Yulelogs was rescued by the RSPCA after receiving calls from concerned members of the public reporting that he had been chasing people with buckets on the beach, because he thought they contained fish.

At the time, he weighed only 132-lbs (60kg), compared to the standard 550-lbs (250kg).

Today, Yulelogs is energetic and enthusiastic, especially when it comes to his husbandry training and environmental enrichment, according to the sanctuary.

The birthday cake is made of layers of colored ice with a few fish stuck in the top—personally made by the sanctuary.

“It has become a tradition to make a birthday cake for our resident seals as a special treat,” a sanctuary spokesperson, Kayleigh Slowey, told GNN.

“And, it wouldn’t be a Log’s birthday celebration without a snooze on top of his cake after all the excitement!”

The sanctuary in South West England, run by the nonprofit Sea Life Trust, accepts donations and you can sponsor “adopt” of their animals if you would like to contribute.